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Shirley Ho

Shirley Ho began her art journey at the age of 5 under the influence of her father, Ho Ho Ying, a well-known abstract artist. She has won numerous children art competitions in Singapore since 1982. Shirley is also an environmental advocate and nature enthusiast who views art and music with a purpose. As an environmental advocate she promote Upcycling Art as an eco-friendly art form to transform Trash to Treasure. She is a self-taught singer songwriter who composes songs inspired by nature and social realities. Currently she is exploring her own style of painting to her original music. Her debut abstract artwork in this exhibition, “Winter’s Day” is painted to her original song, Winter’s Day expressing the melancholic snowfall as parallel to the impact of pandemic. It is her unique way of expressing her creativity by fusing her love for nature, music and art onto her canvas.

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